Tired of the constant hustle and bustle of the city? Fortunately, even the most populated places offer landscape views to retreat to when you find yourself yearning for peace and solace beyond the rush hour traffic. It’s time to escape the stress of the weekday and catch your breath alongside the 10 most beautiful places to catch a sunset in the city.
Sunset Cliffs Natural Park— San Diego, California

Sunset Cliffs
The Sunset Cliffs are tucked away in the heart of the residential streets of Point Loma, offering unforgettable views of the descending sun upon countless silhouettes of surfers and dolphins in the water below. You can either stand atop of the steep bluffs that line the Pacific Ocean or hike down the hill to get closer to the water and enjoy the salty sea mist. Although San Diego offers near perfect weather year round, be sure to pack a couple of blankets and loungers to stay warm and enjoy these enchanting views comfortably!
The Highline — New York City, New York

This spot was built on an abandoned elevated rail line, offering unique views of the sunset over the Hudson River. Head to The Highline in the warmer months so you can sit back and watch the sun illuminate the vibrant leaves in beautiful New York City. Be sure to grab an early dinner at the Chelsea Market before revelling in this unforgettable landscape and its breathtaking views.
Mount Bonnell — Austin, Texas

This perfect lookout offers panoramic views of Lake Austin and the UT Tower. After an easy drive and about five flights of stairs, you will be met by multiple vistas and overlooks perfect for enveloping yourself in the mesmerizing sunsets that Mount Bonnell has to offer. However, the most amazing part of this location is the 360 degree view, in which you can simultaneously admire the setting sun in front of you before turning around and enjoying the rising moon behind you.
Desert Botanical Garden— Phoenix, Arizona

This spot offers a completely unique sunset experience during certain times of the year, with fiber-optic light exhibits that cover the hundreds of miles of ground and wrap around the garden’s hills and plants. With spectacular views of the city and different performers throughout the exhibits, this is sure to be a sunset unlike any you’ve seen before. Before heading out, check online to see if they will be offering the sunset exhibit – and if so, get there an hour early to experience the full effect!
Twin Peaks— San Francisco, California

Twin Peaks
Head to this spot on a clear day to enjoy mesmerizing views of Oakland, Mt. Diablo, and the San Francisco Bay. Be sure to dress warm and wear comfortable shoes, as the short hike that leads you to the top of Twin Peaks can get pretty windy. At the highest points of San Francisco, you will find peaceful views and beautiful colors reflecting off of the cotton candy clouds as the sun continues to sink and the lights from below begin to illuminate the surrounding roads and cities.
Waterfront Park— Burlington, Vermont

After enjoying dinner downtown, take a stroll along the boardwalk along Lake Champlain and enjoy the watercolor sunset over the boats in the marina. Waterfront Park holds a unique sense of tranquility, and never seems busy despite the amount of people present. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert, as you don’t want to miss out the delicious Creemee’s Soft Serve stand located on the waterfront!
Sunset Bay State Park— Coos Bay, Oregon

This unforgettable beach lives up to its name and more, delivering the most picturesque sunset on the Oregon coast. To take advantage of everything that Sunset Bay has to offer, either pack a picnic and make it a day trip, or stay at the on-site campground for a relaxing weekend getaway. Bring your family and your Lightspeed Sun Shelter and enjoy the wildlife and tidepools before watching the sun descend while wading in the water of the calm cove.
Sunset Pier— Key West, Florida Keys, Florida

Sunset Pier
Nestled close to the water in Key West, Sunset Pier offers both entertainment and unforgettable beauty. Grab a mojito and enjoy the various bands and performers while watching the palm tree framed sunset sink below the bright blue and green water. Enjoy the relaxing ambience of the pier before heading over, and be sure to get a seat on the top floor for the best views!
360 Chicago Observation Deck— Chicago, Illinois

The wait is worth the reward for this sunset, as it delivers unforgettable views of the Chicago shoreline as the bright colors in the sky begin to dim and are replaced by just as beautiful lights from the city below. Take an elevator to the top of the Observation Deck at least two hours early to enjoy panoramic views of the skyline during the daylight and snag a good spot on the bleachers before they get filled up. To save some time, purchase your tickets for the Sun and Stars show before you head out!
Jockey’s Ridge State Park— Outer Banks, North Carolina

Head to Jockey’s Ridge to enjoy the sunset on the largest sand dunes in the Eastern United States. After a short, somewhat challenging hike up Boardwalk Trail, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the colorful sky and calming sounds of the ocean. To snag a good spot, plan to head over early with your lounger and a picnic — this place tends to get a little crowded!

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