collage of images showing different ways to use lightspeed itemsHow’s everyone doing? As our #athomeadventures continue, it’s easy to start running out of ideas to stay positive and keep busy. While Netflix binging is always an option, let’s try and keep things interesting! For your at home adventures, here are 25 things to put on your to-do list that will keep you feeling good while we all do our part to keep ourselves and our community healthy.

If you have any ideas to add, we are all ears! Share your ideas with us here and on social media and we’ll repost for everyone to benefit. Which one of these ideas will you do first? 

Let's Get Started!

1. Meditate for 5-10 min. OR take 10 deep breaths while only focusing on counting

Tip: Free Apps we love are Calm, Buddhify or find something on Youtube!


2. Write 5 things you’re grateful for today (big or small).

Tip: Do this every morning or night for a daily mental boost!


3. Host a virtual party/hangout/date - whatever you want to call it!

Tip: App we love are Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Whatsapp

Bonus: To make it a little more special, create a quick virtual invite!


4. Get creative! Do an art challenge, start a DIY project, doodle on a napkin, whatever works…

Tip: Pinterest or Youtube - Things to search: Drawing Challenge, DIY, Creative crafts, DIY Decor, Kids DIY


5. Take a break, make a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and just enjoy it (try and sit outside!)


6. Put on your favorite song and dance it out, sing it out (no judgements)


7. Get some exercise - Try a free app or find a gym that's offering free live streaming workouts right now! 

Tip: Down Dog (yoga only), Nike Training Club (yoga + full body workouts), Youtube, Instagram

Bonus: Invite friends to join you virtually. 


8. Avoid obsessing over the news (beyond getting important information).


9. Take a shower and change out of your sweats!


10. Take a walk outside (mind your social distancing).


11. Do a little decluttering around the house - Feeling productive is always a mood booster!


12. Listen to an uplifting podcast.

Tip: Some of our favorites - Happier by Gretchen Rubin, Stuff You Should Know, TED Talks, 10 Percent Happier with Dan Harris, Modern Love, G.O. Get Outside


13. Pull out your board games for a game night.

Tip: Need a new game? Find a great game for the family HERE


14. Plan a social movie night with someone you're not at home with- bake your favorite treat, pick a movie and use Netflix group watching app to watch together!

Tip: Netflix Party App HERE


15. Learn something new - take advantage of this time!

Tip: Youtube is a great resource, or check out Yale's most popular class "The Science of Well-Being", now being offered for free with Coursera.org.


16. Do what you can to help - donate money to an organization to support those most affected by Covid-19.

Tip: Need some donation ideas? Check out this Forbes article for different organizations HERE.


17. Create a routine that includes

      1. Productivity 2. Relaxation and 3. Fun


18. Build a Fort  - Get creative on your own or head to Youtube

Tip: Here’s a fun blanket fort idea - Build a Cozy Blanket Fort


19. Backyard family camp out (or living room camp out)

Tip: Here's a quick checklist to plan the perfect camp out

  1. Tent - Need a tent? We've got some HERE.
  2. Sleep gear - Air beds, sleep pads and air mats HERE
  3. Cozy blankets - Check out our cozy Rugged Puffy Blanket HERE.
  4. Flashlights, lanterns
  5. Camp food & snacks
  6. You need a campfire - DIY camp fire idea HERE
  7. Campfire entertainment - smores, ghost stories, songs


20. Plan a themed dinner for your household & have everyone help plan the meal. 

Tip: Make your own pizza night, Appetizers for dinner, Drive-thru movie and dinner.


21. "Power Hour"- Knock things off your to-do list that keep getting pushed back - set a timer and complete as many as you can in 60 minutes. "Power hour" is from Gretchen Rubin - check out her books and podcast for awesome life hacks!


22. Wine and Paint Night (juice for the kids)

Tip: Pick something easy from online or challenge eachother to draw the person sitting across from them for a fun set of portraits!


23. Bust out a puzzle

Tip: Add some wine or your beverage of choice and some music.


24. Create a feel good playlist and plan a dance party!

Tip: Include a favorite song of each person in your household.


25. Look through an old box of photos.

Tip: Organize a photo album or scan your favorite pictures and order prints or a photo book!


26. BONUS: Make a Post-Quarantine bucket list for things to look forward to! Here's an example of some ideas from our team at Lightspeed.

  1. Go to the beach...with people.
  2. Have a party with everyone we've been virtually hanging out with.
  3. Hiking...with people.
  4. You get it….now start your list!


If you have any ideas to add, we're all ears. Share your ideas with us here. Which one of these ideas will you do first? Share with us in the comments or tag us on social! 

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