If you’re getting tired of the same ol’ dinner and a movie Date Night, it’s time to think outside the box! Cancel your reservations and head outdoors, where you both can appreciate your surroundings and learn more about each other. The outdoors offer an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to planning dates – it’s time to take advantage of that! Here are five great date ideas for the outdoors: Have a Picnic: Time to pack up a delicious meal and head outdoors! Whether you head to the park, beach, or your backyard, a picnic is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your significant other. Isolate yourselves in nature, and leave behind the typical stress and distractions that come along with crowded restaurants and movie theaters. Whether you choose to head out early in the morning when the sun is shining bright overhead or enjoy a quiet romantic meal while watching the sunset in the distance, you are sure to have a relaxing and intimate time with your significant other. This is also the perfect option for couples on a budget, as there are no tickets needed, and the food can be made right at home! To fully embrace your date, be sure to turn the electronics off and completely indulge in your surroundings! Go on a Hike: There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting a workout in while also spending some quality time with your date! Before heading out, be sure to research local hikes and choose one that you are both comfortable with, so there are no surprises when the time to adventure rolls around! Don’t forget to pack enough water and snacks for you and your date, as a hike can take a lot out of you. Better yet, bring along some loungers and a Lightspeed picnic basket and enjoy lunch at a beautiful stop somewhere along the trail. You’ll be able to refuel and have some great conversation. The best part of a date hike? There’s no need to stress over what you are going to wear or spend hours getting ready, just grab your running shoes and some sunscreen and you are ready for a great time! Minigolf: If you are on the more competitive side, this one’s for you! Challenge your date to a day of mini golf, where you can have a fun and relaxing time outdoors. Because golf is a very slow and relaxing sport, you can take your time at each hole, enjoying both the game and conversation. To spice it up, make a bet beforehand — whoever loses buys dinner! Go on a Scavenger Hunt: This date is great for all different kinds of couples – whether you have been together for years or are just starting to get to know each other. Set up clues for your date to follow, possibly adding in some facts and details that will help you two get to know each other more. Start by choosing the starting and ending point of the scavenger hunt, and think about what you want the reward for your date to be at the finish line. You can even try ending at your favorite ice cream parlor, where you are both able to enjoy some dessert while unwinding and learning more about each other. Although this date may involve a little more thought and preparation, it is a sure way to have a laughter-filled day of adventure with your date! Tour your City: No matter how long you or your significant other have lived in your city, there are always new places to explore! Get off Yelp, leave your itinerary at home, and drive to a new part of town that you’ve always wanted to spend more time in. Use the day to walk around and explore every part of the city, seeing and noticing things you never have before. Be sure to stop and savor every little quirk your city has to offer – whether it means stopping at every store that catches your eye, or exploring the parks and nature it holds. You’ll have the best time being a tourist with your date, and adventuring in your own backyard! No matter where you decide to take your next date, be sure to make your time together count! Getting outside is a great way to change up your daily routine and enjoy some sunshine and great conservation!

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