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With a new year comes new adventures and we're starting 2019 off with a physical challenge, the 5-Peak Challenge to be exact! It's not exactly new but it's the perfect way to kick off another year of outdoor fun. It gets us outside and moving and gives us the chance to look out over some pretty cool views of San Diego. It's also the perfect activity to do with family and friends, making it that much more enjoyable.


If you're not familiar with this particular challenge, here's what you need to know. The 5-Peak Challenge was created by 2 Mission Trails Regional Park rangers, Levi and Heidi, in 2015 to encourage hikers to get out, and try new trails to see a new side of the MTRP. The goal is to hike to the summit of all five peaks as listed on the 5-Peak Challenge Trail Map - no shortcuts!

 Mountains and hikers

We're devoting 2019 to getting outside more and what better way than to work up a little sweat with some family and friends along the way. Instead of making a long list of resolutions, we're committing to a theme of getting out and moving all year long. San Diego has so much to offer our love of the outdoors so we're determined to soak up as much as we can, starting with these beautiful trails. 


This is a low-pressure adventure, so there's no time limit on the official challenge.  As of December 2018, 9,789 people have completed this challenge and we want to be one of them! We've invited the entire Lightspeed team to join in so stay tuned to see who makes it to all five summits. If you’re a local or happen to be in the San Diego area, we challenge you to join us too! We'll be posting updates as we go so please join along for some fun hikes and a new perspective of San Diego hiking trails. Send us your pictures or tag us on social media, use #5peakchallenge. If you’re not in San Diego, leave us a comment below with your favorite trails in your area. We’d love to know about great hikes outside San Diego and share with everyone. Additional details about the 5 Peak Challenge are below. Time to get hiking! 


5 Peak Challenge Details:

  1. Hike each summit and take a picture of yourself - make sure to include the peak's name in the photo. Use #5peakchallenge.
  2. Once you have your 5 pictures, email them to 5-peakchallenge@mtrp.org for verification. Submission approvals can take up to 7 days. Once approved, you'll be mailed a certificate and an awesome MTRP logo pin for proof of your accomplishment.


Here are all 5 Peaks:

  1. North Fortuna Mountain - 2.69 mi
  2. South Fortuna Mountain - 2.37 mi
  3. Kwaay Paay - 1.2 mi
  4. Pyles Peak - 2.79 mi
  5. Cowles Mountain - 2.46 mi



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