Barbecue supplies? Check. Water and other refreshments? Check. Backyard entertainment… Uh oh. With all of the chaos and excitement that comes along with hosting your own backyard barbecue, it is so easy to overlook the little things while running around town gathering food and supplies. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of five easy and fun backyard games that are sure to keep your guests entertained while the grill is going!

Frisbee Golf with a Twist:

For this fun filled game of frisbee golf, you’re going to need at least one frisbee, a scorecard, baskets (laundry baskets work the best), numbered paper to mark each of the baskets, and slips of paper that have a silly activity on it to go along with each numbered basket. From there, each person takes their turn trying to make the frisbee into the basket from the same starting point, recording the number of tries it takes each player. The player who needs the most tosses to make the frisbee into the basket then has to do whatever the activity says! If it’s a tie, all of the players must complete the activity together! Keep going until you reach the last basket, and the person with the least overall tosses wins!

DIY Ring Toss Game:

This outdoor game is for those who love do-it-yourself projects! If you are up to the challenge and have some time to spare before the barbecue, this one’s for you! To make this fun filled game, head to your nearest home improvement store and pick up some supplies you’ll need to bring it to life.

What you’ll need:

  • A round pine panel, preferably 18 inch by 18 inch
  • 7/8″ drill bit
  • Two 7/8″ four foot long dowels, cut into four 11 inch pieces and one 13 inch piece
  • Nylon rope, cut into six 12 inch pieces
  • Strong bonding glue
  • Duct tape in two different colors of your choice

From here, paint your panel and dowels whatever colors you choose (the more, the better!), and let them dry. Once dried, take your drill bit and drill holes in the base for your dowels, about 5 holes in the shape of an X on the base, spaced evenly apart. After, it is time to make the rings!

Take the nylon rope that you have already cut into 12 inch pieces, and connect both ends with your duct tape to make a circle, gluing them for extra security. From here, continue wrapping the rope with the duct tape to make them sturdier and all one color. Continue with another color after making three to differentiate them within teams. Once you are finished, you have a great game that’ll keep your guests entertained and liven up your barbecue!

Pop ‘n Play Game Center:

We know how stressful planning a barbecue can be, which is why we added the Lightspeed Outdoors Pop ‘N Play  game center to this list. If you don’t have the time or energy to create and build your own backyard games, this is the perfect alternative. This center is extremely easy to setup and tear down with everything you need already inside, making it the perfect go-to for when you are on a time crunch but still want to keep your guests entertained.

This four-in-one game center has something for everyone, and can be used by multiple people at the same time – ensuring your guests won’t have to wait around for their turn! Equipped with a Bag Toss, Ladder Ball, and Quad Toss, this center is great for all ages and is the perfect way to get everyone laughing and having fun. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and is extremely lightweight and portable, making your day that much easier!

Bucket Ball:

This is one of the easiest games to put together, and is sure to ignite smiles and laughter all around! Although you can easily purchase this game online, it is extremely easy to make yourself!

To play Bucket Ball, you are going to need:

  • 12 five gallon buckets from any home improvement store
  • Two balls that are different colors (can be basketballs or volleyballs)

Once you gathered these supplies, you are almost ready to entertain! Setup the buckets similar to bowling pins, in two pyramids of three, two, one – facing each other. From there, fill each bucket about a third of the way with water, to make sure they won’t tip over. The goal of bucket ball is to be the first team to make your ball into all each of the buckets. Each player on both teams of two gets one try to make it each round. If you make the ball into the bucket, remove it from the game. The first team to make the ball into every bucket wins! Now all there is left to do is have fun!

With your barbecue right around the corner, and your to-do list longer than ever, you can now confidently make the check in the box next to Backyard Entertainment! Have fun!

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