Summer days are meant to be spent at the beach, and what’s better than sitting with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand? Unsure of what to pack for your perfect day? Take a look at some of our favorite Lightspeed gear that we just can’t hit the beach without!

The Ultimate Beach Chair 

When we say ultimate, we mean it. This stylish chair is everything you need and more for a relaxing day at the beach. With four reclining positions and an adjustable pillow, we’re certain it’ll cater to all styles of comfort. Keep your toes sandy and your personal items clean and dry with extra pockets located on each side. With its soft, backpack like straps you can easily carry this chair from one spot to the next, hands-free. 

Portable Lounger

Soak up some sun and sip down a cold drink in of our extra comfy portable loungers. The fully padded mat will have you comfortable and supported! Plus, you can adjust the backrest to your desired lounge level. This type of comfort might just send you right into nap mode, and what’s better than a nap on the beach?! Best of all, these mats are sold in pairs of two. Grab a friend and get to loungin’!

Quick Cabana Shelter 

As much as we all love soaking up some sun, it’s always a great idea to have some extra protection, and sometimes sunscreen just isn’t enough. Luckily for you, we have the perfect beach shelter to match your perfect beach day! This shelter is equipped with three large windows. Close them up for complete shade or zip them open for a cool ocean breeze, views included! 

Outdoor Blanket

Who said you can’t bring a blanket to the beach? In fact, if you’re looking for next level comfort while you’re enjoying the sun, sand, and surf, we suggest a big blanket for the whole crew to use. The lightspeed outdoor blanket is exactly what you need to provide comfort for everyone. Is the sand around your beach set up a tad wet from the tide? Not a problem! The bottom layer insulates the middle cushion which provides comfort and protection from the wet and hard ground. The soft and water-repellent top layer is the cherry on top, providing a comfortable blanket that will be sure to keep everyone happy and dry.

Insulated Picnic Basket

A day at the beach wouldn’t be complete without ample drinks and snacks! If you love food as much as we do, then bringing a picnic basket along with you is a high priority on the packing list. Try out our insulated picnic basket before your beach brigade heads out for a fun day by the ocean. The basket is insulated to keep your food hot or cold, and the top zips off for additional space if necessary. It includes an outer pocket which is perfect for napkins, sanitizer, and utensils. Whether you are going during the day or night, you don’t want to forget this essential item next time you hit the beach.

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