Get Ready for Game Day!


So you’ve volunteered to be the team parent? That’s great! Being a team parent can be fun but sometimes stressful. Check out this list of tips and tricks for being the best team parent and creating winning situations for the entire league:

Create an E-mail List for Easy Contact

This is a simple and easy way to connect with fellow parents and ensure that every child and parent on the team has access to all of the important dates, times, and information! With this email list, you can also create documents to see which parents would be interested in bringing snacks to the game or being the scorekeeper – it’s a win-win! This is also a great reminder for busy parents and offers an easy way for them to ask questions or refer back to practice times, game day reminders, etc.

Have Your Child’s Uniform Ready to Go

By keeping your child’s game essentials ready to go, you can decrease the stress you feel when preparing all of the other things for the game. Make a cubby by the door so you and your kids can know exactly where everything is before each game – you can spend more time having fun and less time looking for the necessary equipment that can easily be lost!

Snacks, Water, and Shade!

It always feels great to be prepared – and this is the perfect time for you to use your Lightspeed Outdoors’ Sport Shelter!  Pop it right up, relax and enjoy the game – you deserve it! Even if there is a snack bar, be a great team parent by bringing a few healthy snacks like carrots or granola bars, and a couple extra bottles of water just in case somebody forgot their own!

Have a First-Aid Kit Handy

Even if you keep this in your car, you could save the day with this addition to your team parent inventory! Keeping things such as band-aids, cold packs, neosporin and a sling handy in case of an accident is an important part of being a team parent. Add a few quick fix items such as duct-tape, safety pins, and hair ties if you want to be ready for anything that game day could throw your way!

Plan an End of the Season Celebration

Last, but not least, plan the end-of-the-year celebration! Use your email list to touch base with all of the parents; you could even try surprising the kids! Make this event extra special for the coaches by getting together with the other families to provide a fun gift or thank you for them. A framed photograph with all of the kid’s signatures or a gift card to a local restaurant or sporting goods store could be perfect! Whether you decide to get together at a pizza place or a local park, having a fun, relaxed celebration where you can give every child a unique award (best attitude, best team player, etc.) and thank the coaches will create an end-of-season celebration that both children and their parents will never forget!

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